The immersive environments presented here by 42 artists from 13 different countries incite a unique multi-sensory awareness of both physical and mental (imagined) space. Some works directly examine the slipping contours of kinetic phenomena, involving magnetism (Kanta Horio), fluid dynamics (Skoltz Kolgen), or acoustic levitation (Domnitch/Gelfand/Chartier). Others have invented an impossible phantom spatiality, stemming, for example, from brain wave interference (Ulf Langheinrich) or stereoscopically rendered interferential video signals (Bas van Koolwijk). All the pieces entail a search for hidden, transitory spaces that crosswire the perceptual spectrum. After being presented worldwide (Sonic Acts, Elektra, Sonar, Nemo…) in the form of Surround Cinema as well as in the Optofonica Capsule (a tactile audio installation), this body of work, spanning 3 years, has been painstakingly archived, preserving as much as possible the intricacies of each composition.

TELCOSYSTEMS / scapetime / 7:57
RYAN JEFFERY + SCANNER / waterfall / 6:53
RYOICHI KUROKAWA / vento ignis / 4:07
KANTA HORIO / em#3 / 7:51
JASON GRAHAM + KIM CASCONE + TEZ / raindrops #7 / 6:01
SKOLTZ_KOLGEN / ether / 3:51
KAFFE MATTHEWS / mount magnet / 6:37
MARCEL WIERCKX / black noise white silence / 3:00
MARTIJN VAN BOVEN / a thousand scapes / 10:01
OTOLAB / animula / 8:00
RAYXXXX / pulse / 7:20
LIA + @C / study #40 / 9:47
BAS VAN KOOLWIJK / fdbck/av 3d / 6:02
FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER / rhythm exp. / 5:14
PE LANG + ZIMOUN / untitled sound objects / 0:47
ULF LANGHEINRICH / it would have been fantastic / 5:05
QUAYOLA + MIRA CALIX + AUTOBAM / strata #2 / 7:12
SKIF++ / skif++ / 4:52
DAVID MUTH & HIAZ / counterclockwise / 2:04
KURT HENTSCHLAGER / xscape / 7:01
NATALIE BEWERNITZ + MAREK GOLDOWSKI / life at the witch trails / 10:06
total time: 2:23:18

Instead of creating mere objects of aesthetic seduction, a new form of art is surfacing that invites audiences to transcend the limits of habitual perception. It seeks to shift the observer’s attention from the physical objects that stimulate perception to the act of perception itself. Immersivity awakens a multi-sensory awareness of both physical and mental space.

Founded in 2006 by artist and producer TeZ, Optofonica is a platform for immersive art-science situated in Amsterdam (NL). The works presented on this DVD (in 5.1 surround and stereo sound options) were commissioned by Optofonica to stimulate the combined research of sound spatialization and synesthetic immersion.

Due to the detailed visual nature of this work we have chosen to use PAL over NTSC encoding to maintain the maximum resolution possible for the movie and sound files. This DVD is region free and can be played on any computer DVD drive. No region switching is necessary for television screen viewing, it can only playback on a PAL or multi-system DVD player.

Optofonica #1 was assembled by curator, TeZ and is produced by Optofonica in collaboration with LINE and with the support of ARCADI (Action régionale pour la création artistique et la diffusion en Île-de-France) and FONDS BKVB.

“Camera Lucida is a highly introspective immersive spatial art work creating a fleeting ephemeral materiality by intersecting ultrasound with hyperlight… in essence the creation of a sonic aurora. Domnitch and Gelfand’s piece rejects any possibility to be fixed in space and time, but rather offers up the very definition of an unstable work of art, existing entirely for and within the perceptive realm of the viewer.” – Stephen Kovats, Director of Transmediale 2008